For those of you wishing to follow this blog, here is a glossary to help you get up to speed, especially with some of the Welsh Valleys terminology. It’ll be added to where required, over the coming days, weeks & months. Some of the below has been generated due to public demand.

If you have any requests, please comment…..


  • Boxing day – The day that follows Christmas day, the 26th of December.
  • BKK – Bangkok International Airport – Suvarnabhumi
  • Blue Book – Our little book of travel notes and things to do lists.O&G – Oil & Gas.
  • BTS – The sky train, an above ground metro system, highly efficient.
  • NLT – No literal translation.
  • Insanity – High intensity. Max interval training programme.
  • K – A thousand, usually in relation to money.
  • K7 – Pentax semi professional digital SLR camera.
  • RoK – Republic of Kazakhstan, my 2nd home !
  • Teletext – Television information system created in the 1970’s. A scrolling feed of information in text format.
  • The fkin book – Facebook.
  • Tuk Tuk – A form of transport. A rickshaw with an engine
  • WTF – are u serious? everyone knows wtf !


  • Ach-Ooo-Yet – NLT, more meaningful than Yebat.
  • Kanyeshna – Certainly, 100% sure!
  • Reklama – Advertisement.
  • Yebat – Speechless, in Awe.


  • A bit tup – dull, not bright.
  • Blotto – super drunk.
  • Bog – Toilet.
  • Bollocky – Naked.
  • Bow – strongbow cider.
  • Chicken oriental – fucking mental.
  • Drive – the person who is driving the form of public transport you are currently using. This term is always used affectionately.
  • Dull – a bit tup.
  • Fatties leg – Fucking fucked. A line from the cult Welsh movie, Twin Town.
  • Gander – a general scope about an area, without a plan.
  • Grub – food.
  • Juice – petrol, gas, benzine. Can also be used to describe battery level on your phone “I got no juice”.
  • Physio – Physiotherapy.
  • Rock n roll – cockney slang for the dole. A government hand out to the unemployed.
  • Skinny Dipping – To bathe totally naked.
  • Spew – to vomit.
  • Sheep Shagger – A term the welsh are often called, sometimes by themselves. Reason : 10million sheep and 1.5mill women.
  • The boys – Mates from back home.
  • The Shits – the need of constant use of the bog. Some times combined with spewing.
  • Trecco bay – a large caravan park on the South Welsh coast, highly populated by people from the valleys.

Any comments or questions ?

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